About Me

I am Dee (as my friends call me), an enthusiastic Plain Jane who aspires to be different from the league every day. Sometimes this aspiration gets the best out of me while at others it falls me behind but everyday what it does for sure is intensifying my passion for Fashion.

I am not a trained blogger or a writer; in fact some of you might find it amusing that as a fashion blogger instead of work

ing in Media, PR or photography, I work as a full time business operations analyst in a renowned telecom company. Funny but true my job is an outcome of my love for Excel spreadsheets and my blog is an outcome of my passion for Fashion.

Fashion to me is anything but intimidating. It’s a ‘wearable art’! It’s an expression of who you are and not a reflection of what other expect from you. Fashion differentiates your from everyone else around you.

I’ve created this blog to share current fashion trends, fashion tips & tricks, my daily inspirations, styling and wardrobe secrets with all you Plain Jane’s out there who aspire to be different but cannot dare enough to step out of their own bubble.

I like reading fashion articles, trying different cuisines and travelling to new places. I secretly wish if could walk in higher heels. I like wandering around in Stockholm town center with my headphone plugged in under a sunny bright blue sky. 

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  1. Hey Dee.. your styling are awesome ..need more updates and pics. Your blog is worth watching ..Update some thing for men's fashion too


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